What We Can Do

Events organization and management

Communicate, celebrate, engage within your Company and with your Clients

Presentations scripts and slides

Professionally written speeches and all supporting materials

Photo and video documentation

Presentation videos, training material, photo brochures


Techniques to engage, motivate, create loyalty, enhance growth

Team management

Coordinate and motivate team members

Companies start-up

A complete mix of competences to cope with the most critical phase

Project management

Modern world-class methodologies to guarantee results



Today we are all exposed to a continuous flow of information, advertising, proposals, solicitations… being able to get past this high level of noise is becoming harder and harder.

Advertising and PR agencies try to do their best, but they often lack a specific competence and knowledge of the ICT world, while managers in this industry are too focused on the tech side of their offer and thus in their briefings compromise communication effectiveness.
And let’s not mention the evolution of new media to consider: SMS, social networks, World Wide Web, communities, video channels…

Marketing - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.

What if you could count on someone who is very experienced in ICT and communications and in his professional life has successfully run all the activities needed to organize and run events, advertising, congresses, press announcements, presentations, mail and media campaigns, social network presence and who can be the “bridge” able to manage all communication activities and suppliers on your behalf?

Often in the ICT world good managers are not good communicators and many opportunities are lost due to the subtle but fundamental difference between “telling an audience” and “engaging an audience”.

I can help you with training, scripts, slides and professional presentations, photographic materials, videos and multimedia product showcases for Kiosks and the Web. If you manufacture, distribute or just sell products and services in the ICT world, you need to understand how your competitors are moving, how your products are positioned in the market and how they are perceived. You also need to be informed on all technology trends and future opportunities and developments, and inform and train your workforce giving them arguments to support their sales efforts and contrast your competitors.

Do you have the time to follow all this? Keeping pace with technology trends and developments is a key factor if you are involved in the ICT world.

What if someone could help you with summaries, insights, questionnaires and interviews, training and sales support materials, someone for whom attending conventions and seminars and remaining always up to date is just part of his daily work? Contact me, we are ready to help you!

My marketing experience: Marketing manager (2 yrs), Marketing director (3 yrs), Division director (5 yrs), Branch manager (3 yrs)