Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Protect your most valuable asset: your data
The only safe PC is a switched off one. Sounds extreme? Maybe, but today threats are coming from all directions: email, social networks, cloud storage, scam and spam, USB pens, compromised web sites... not to mention physical risks, like theft, fire, hardware and software malfunctions.

Has your Company evaluated exposure of key assets like data and ICT infrastructure to risks and their impact in case an adverse event occurs? Are the basic defenses properly deployed? How long since last update of your antivirus? And is your network protected against unauthorized accesses? When did you change password last time? Are you compliant with norms and standards applying to your business sector?

We can help you to evaluate the current risk exposure of your Company's ICT infrastructure and data, and propose the best countermeasures to avoid or mitigate risk impact:

    audit and test antivirus protection and update policies verify proper configuration of firewall rules set and verify data security policies audit data access policies and password management set and enforce appropriate backup policies design and test disaster recovery procedures organize and conduct ICT security awareness seminars for users define and audit privacy compliance procedures

Our experience in set-up of ICT infrastructure and specific training on risk assessment make us a perfect partner to ensure you can keep your risk exposure minimized and under constant control.


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