Installation and Support

Up and running without hassles
You buy some new computers, put them on the desks, connect all the plugs, switch them on and start working. That is all you need to do, right?


Do you know that an unpatched computer will likely be infected within 20 minutes since its connection to the Internet? And what about those dozens of little customizations that boost effectiveness and usability of user interface and productivity of programs thanks to correct setup of system defaults? And passwords, shares, printers, drivers, network, email...?

Small companies rarely can count on a dedicated IT department to take care of installation, setup and support because the size of infrastructure doesn't justify the cost of dedicated personnel and of their training. And believe me, "let me phone the friend of a friend of a friend who attended a computer class at school last year..." is NOT a professional and reliable solution!

Call us! We can be your outsourced IT department to install, connect, train people and be available to support all your needs, either in your offices or via remote connection. And you only pay for the time and interventions you need!


Installation and Support - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.