Mentoring, Coaching and Tutoring

Guide people on the job and help them become autonomous
Mentoring, coaching and tutoring have some common traits and some differencies. One very important aspect they have in common is in the purpose: let the person learn and discover her strenghts in a "soft" way and without the frustration and hassle of trial and error. The mentor / coach / tutor does not work "in place of", but offers guidance and advice to the person and helps build self-consciousness on one's way to work, on strenghts and weaknesses and how to cope with them.

Tutoring has more to do with abilities related to practical work: usually is a kind of activity that follows training sessions or introduction of new equipment or procedures.

A tutor supports the employee in his daily activity to complement or refresh notions, answer questions, improve confidence in one's abilities and knowledge. If we do an example talking of sports, tutoring is like being in the water together with someone who has just learned to swim, and give him confidence ("you are not alone in the water") and show how to improve movements and style ("do this way to not waste energy and go further").

Coaching enters more in the personal and intimate area of the individual, considering not only abilities the person already has, but also her goals in her job and the gap she needs to fill to reach her performance targets and objectives.

Back to our sports example, it is like if our swimmer had learned enough to desire to compete with other swimmers, so he will need guidance on kind of contests ("you are better in speed races than in endurance ones"), on performance targets ("your opponents are some seconds faster than you") and how to achieve them ("let's do one week of weight training in the gym to strenghten your legs").

Mentoring has to do with an even more intimate sphere of the person, and considers goals in a broader scenario both from the point of view of career path and of timing. A mentor should be a person with an experience in the specific industry such that the person can look at him as a guide and source of advice and summary of experience.

In sports our swimmer now has won a few competitions, and it's time to evaluate if pushing more in that career moving to an higher level and type of competitions ("we have to go at National level contests and in at least two styles") at the cost of some time not spent with friends and family, and learn to confront other competitors not only in the water, but also at psychological and social level.

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