Events Organization and Management

Communicate, celebrate, engage within your Company and with your Clients
Events organized by your Company must be memorable, whether they are directed to internal people, clients or journalists. No matter if the purpose is to inform, celebrate, announce products or services, introduce changes or strenghten team spirit: all has to run smoothly with the help of someone in charge of anticipating needs and organizational issues.

Very often a company does not have dedicated resources to take care of these situations that happen only few times a year, and congress centres only care of the logistic part without considering your goals and Company style.

There are a lot of activities and details to take care of, and we can be on your side to do it:

    define purpose and outline of the event detail interventions, speakers and timing identify location, infrastructure characteristics, suppliers short list prepare and send invitations define and organise leisure activities script the interventions and prepare supporting materials supervise preparation of place and installations support and coordinate event course with suppliers, guests, organizers, speakers... carry out photo and video recording of the event pre and post activity support through dedicated web site, info point, on-line archives...

Our experience in many different aspects of company life and communication can make the difference for your next event, so don't hesitate to call me.


Events organization and management - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.