ICT Infrastructure Design and Audit

Data centres design, networks, capacity planning
Designing your ICT infrastructure is a task that seems simple at first sight: Vendors are ready to describe virtues of their "integrated and future-proof" solutions, all you have to do is pay the bill... Are you sure their interests correspond to yours? Is their solution really integrated? Do they have the best-in-class product for every type of equipment you need? Are you buying what you really need?

We are not tied to any vendor and our experience with both mature Companies and new ventures taught us how to best integrate new and existing appliances.
Correct level of investment, possibly starting small and then growing, choosing the best equipment for the specific task among the whole market offer, pursuing a zero defect approach and maximizing cost/revenue ratio are some of the ingredients of our recipe.

Our method is to consider not only the existing situation of your Company, but also your strategy and goals. We can then suggest the best architecture and design implementation, choose the optimal technology solution and identify vendors and appliances, and we can even act as your "one stop shop" supplier if required. We take the responsibility of integrating pieces of equipment from different manufacturers and guide you in spending the correct amount of money according to company budgets and expected results.

If you already have a structured data centre, are you sure it is fit for your needs and ready for the future of your Company? We can conduct an assessment of your installation and processes and recommend the best evolution as suggested by COBIT IT Governance Framework and the Lean IT approach and techniques.

We can bring all our knowledge of technology, vendors and market trends into your ICT planning process. Can you afford to not have us by your side?


ICT infrastructure design and audit - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.