Techniques to engage, motivate, create loyalty, enhance growth
When you play a game, why do you do it? No one obliges you, and sometimes it might be more frustrating than enjoyable. Still, we all like to play some games better than others. According to scientists, this depends on a mix of factors like autonomy, mastery, purpose, relatedness... we want to feel in control, we want to face tasks that challenge us but can be won, we like to feel we are progressing step by step to reveal a bigger picture and we want to be recognized by our community and exchange tales about our journey.

Gamification consists in realizing that these factors constitute a very powerful motivation and engagement lever, and adopt them in daily work life, business relationships, office procedures, web sites, training sessions, and so on.

Gamification is not just about applying game elements to business facts and customer relations: points, scores, badges, recognitions and leaderboards are practical elements that can be applied only sometimes. Gamification is much more: it starts from identifying bottlenecks that lower engagement and motivation in an organization or that prevent efficiency and effectiveness, and then identifies which tools and tecniques can be helpful to improve the situation. Transparent communications, simulation platforms, social networking, progress boards, balanced scoreboards for processes, focused coaching sessions among peers, social data analysis, team building activities, task breakdown and parallelization are just some of the contents in the gamification toolbox.

Effective games leverage both psychology and technology, in ways that can be applied outside the immersive environments of games themselves. Gamification as a business practice has exploded over the past two years. Organizations are applying it in areas such as marketing, human resources, productivity enhancement, sustainability, training, health and wellness, innovation, and customer engagement. Game thinking means more than just dropping in badges and leaderboards; it requires a thoughtful understanding of motivation and design techniques.

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