ITIL Implementation and Roles Play

Structure and organize your ICT department with world-class standards
ITIL stands for "Information Technology Infrastructure Library" and is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office, part of UK HM Government. Today ITIL is a collection of standard best practices to organize and manage the entire lifecycle of ICT services, and it is considered "the" blueprint to obtain an efficient and effective ICT organization consistent with ISO 20000 standard.

ITIL can be scaled to any company size, can be implemented modularly and step by step and its constant focus is to tune IT services so that they are always able to provide value to company business.

Adopting ITIL in an organization allows to move from the technology-based approach traditionally used in IT, to a model based on services and how these are effective and valuable for the company goals. By applying ITIL principles and processes, applications and outcomes of IT become "what the users and company stakeholders really need" and no more "what the systems do".

It's never too early to start organizing your ICT department according to ITIL, so call me now!
I have followed the complete path of certification to become an ITIL Expert, this means more that 200 hours of training, dozens of case studies and tough exams.

Are you a small Company with a slim IT department?

I can guide you to implement just the basic ITIL processes to guarantee quality of your IT services and support, and be your part-time "ITIL engine" to ease workload.

Are you a big multinational already doing well in ITIL implementation?

I can help you fulfill and/or tune some roles that are usually present only in more mature organizations to better complement key processes, and help auditing the level you reached so far.


ITIL implementation and roles play - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.