Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Outsource in a clever way and gain flexibility
Cloud computing is the magic motto of today, but is it really all bread and butter? For sure a clever usage of what today is available "in the cloud" adds flexibility to your ICT infrastructure, but what are the hidden costs? What is worth outsourcing and what is better to run in-house? And can virtualization of servers and applications be done without risks for your "business as usual" and legacy applications? Should you virtualize all or integrate your existing systems, or use the cloud only as an added capacity for special projects?

Spending more money is the solution Vendors and consultants will usually propose you, together with throwing away your existing applications to start all over with new software designed from scratch to work in the cloud.
This is not our approach: we have a proven experience of exploiting at best existing hardware, virtualizing old machines and making your existing applications work through the Internet without modifying them, so that they can be moved offsite on rented virtual servers in case of peak loads or emergency recovery.
Probably you will spend some money, but it will be a fraction of the cost of rebuilding everything.

If you need advice and skills, I am here to help you. We have been able to implement many solutions based on mixed environments of virtual and physical servers, cloud-based services and common cloud solutions used in a wise way. Take advantage of our expertise!


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