Software Solutions

Off-the-shelf packages and tailor made developments
You know very well that what makes your Company's heart beat are the software applications running in your data centre as your employees' daily working platform. Probably you have very good ad-hoc programs for your core activities, and then standard off-the-shelf software to support routine tasks.

And what about those little "holes" in your data flow? Do you ever have to retype data to transfer them from an application to another? Ever wished your office applications behaved as you like and not as they do by default? Does your personnel uses a plethora of utilities incompatible one another?

We are able to help you with your software, thanks to our network of developers we can complement your mainstream and legacy applications with new technologies and developments:

    virtualize applications integrate open source utilities and data interchange enable your standard programs to be used through any Internet-connected workstation customize your office automation software: templates, macros, integration, even real applications developed within them improve workflow integration, up to real Business Process Automation solutions review and update functional specifications and architecture with your internal development team

You will be surprised to see how little it might take to reach an higher level of productivity without revoluzionize your existing applications if you have a reliable and capable partner ready to help you.


Software Solutions - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.