Temporary Management

Qualified resources just when you need them
There are situations in which you need managerial competences that are not available within your Company, but these are necessary only for a fixed period of time.

Hire permanently a new executive with the desired skills can be a problem: someday his competences will not be useful anymore, and he might not be easily repositioned in another department that already has its staff.
Some examples of situations where temporary management is the best solution:

Maybe your Company has to cope with an unplanned growth in new markets or products, or maybe a key manager has decided to leave the Company without notice, or there is a new implementation project that needs to be managed until its outcomes are available for general benefit, or a major organizational change needs to be addressed until the new structure is in place and running, or simply the dimensions of your organization do not justify a full time executive in that position.

In any of these situations, I can be your solution to guarantee that a competent resource takes care of the temporary task, without the problems of a permanent employment. Take advantage of our "epertise on tap"!


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