Backed by more than 30 years’ experience in management of the ICT industry.

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A strong passion to continuously improve the way ICT can serve Company business in a cost-effective way.

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Events and presentations always keeping a close link with current technology markets and future trends.

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Over 30 Years of Experience

Studio Nicolò Reale is a network of professional consultants specialized in various aspects of Management and of Information and Communication Technology. I am Nicolò Reale, the leader of the group and the main “knowledge tank” and animator. We all share the same traits: honesty, experience, competence, dynamism, accountability, passion, excellence. Our motto “Information Technology AND Management” summarizes the most valuable benefit we bring to our Clients: too often in Companies technical skills are not accompanied by understanding business reality and enterprise needs, while for us this is always the key starting point.

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  • “ Nicolo has played a pivotal role in managing and advancing our Group shared services covering IT and Knowledge Management. Deep expertise in his field and highly professional in support services delivery.”

    Clive G. UK

  • “ I met Nicolò several years ago, in the early days of our careers in the IT sector. His role was Marketing Director but with his trademark enthusiasm for technology he also already had an exceptional technical skill set. I have recently had the opportunity of working with Nicolò on a new project and can say that the years have further enhanced his many qualities. Nicolò is a dedicated team player, is full of ideas, always has a creative and positive outlook, in addition to a great sense of humor that goes a long way in relationship building. I have rarely come across a person with such a strong drive, zest for success, and comprehensive knowledge of effective people and business management. When Nicolò takes responsibility for a project he is fantastic at tackling problems with the end goal in sight. Having witnessed first hand how Nicolò has capitalized on his management and organizational skills and developed his technical expertise, I strongly recommend Nicolò to companies seeking a talented, flexible and highly qualified manager.”

    Donatella E. Italy

  • “ In my position as Managing Director in Benelux, I have worked for years with Nicolo. Even though we were more than thousand kilometres apart, his support was always close. I have come to appreciate Nicolo as an expert on his field, with a good understanding of (internal) clients’ needs and he always delivered the top service he promised. He is really committed to his team, his colleagues and the company.”

    Wim T. the Netherlands

  • “ Working with Nicolo was very demanding as he is a very professional and passionate person. Working together on the promotional and advertising activities and organizing partners' events we obtained very high results in terms of ROI and brand awareness.”

    Eleonora S. Italy

  • “ Nicolò couples conspicuous technical skills (in the field of IT) with an outstanding orientation towards problem-solving approach and a very good attitude to help people working under huge pressure.”

    Roberto C. Italy

  • “ Nicolò is a different kind of IT Director than anybody else: his promptness, availability, high professional skill, un-technocratic view, respect to dummies, friendly approach, and company view have been extremely valuable for the growth of our Group. He has followed our growth in the last 16 years from 20PC to a network of 500 computers running on 24 time zones. While the ICT requests are getting progressively demanding, Nicolò capabilities have been a strategic asset to keep systems in control.”

    Carlo B. France

  • “ Nicolò was my direct supervisor, his ability to manage both people and situations makes him very suitable for the management of working groups focused to achieve specific objectives.”

    Corrado B. Italy

  • “ Nicolò is a great example of Professionality, Competence and Team Worker with an excellent managerial behaviour.”

    Giorgio M. France

  • “ Nicolo is a talented IT Director who enjoys a fantastic reputation among his colleagues and within the user group community.”

    Craig D. UK