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Companies start-up

A complete mix of competences to cope with the most critical phase

Team management

Coordinate and motivate team members

Project management

Modern world-class methodologies to guarantee results


Techniques to engage, motivate, create loyalty, enhance growth


Assess competences and fill the gaps

Mentoring, coaching and tutoring

Guide people on the job and help them become autonomous

Temporary management

Qualified resources just when you need them

Business process automation

Create a reference frame to improve process reliability and control costs



More than 30 years of my career have been spent in managerial positions related to ICT industry and markets. I have always been ready to take over responsibilities to play key roles in Company growth and development, with a strong passion in continuously improving the way IT can serve Company business in a cost-effective way, coordinating and leveraging Teams’ expertise and capabilities, keeping a close link with current technology market and future trends. Management - Competent, experienced, accountable, passionate team of consultants specialized in Management Consulting, Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Communications for Hi-tech markets.

My professional profile is perfect to help your Company in a variety of situations: Don't hesitate, contact me to boost performances of your organization!

I built a strong wealth of competences thanks to many training courses, but much more thanks to the many different situations and Companies I have worked for: multinational environments and small private-owned companies, positions heavily oriented towards sales and marketing and positions where the technical skills were key, markets where technology was the key product and markets where technology was just the enabler.

Managing people is one of my key skills, together with a very good capacity to organize and prioritize work for myself and for my team and identify action routes to achieve strategic goals.

Accountability, very good communication skills, knowledge of IT market and trends, passion for technology and for organization, leadership, habit to be measured on results achieved, broad range of interests and curiosity, assertiveness, ability to listen and speak the language of my audience.

If you need support in Managerial functions, we are ready to help you.

My managerial history: Marketing manager (2 yrs), Marketing director (3 yrs), Division director (5 yrs), Branch manager (3 yrs), Executive Director (1 yr), Group IT director (16 yrs)